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MS Doesn't Mean Mental Slug

As my sister battles with Multiple Sclerosis I decided to read up on treatments, therapies and basically what other people thought about it. What an eye opener.

The labels people put on others just amaze me. MS effects the whole body. It doesn’t discriminate against anything so the mind is effected also. The one thing that my sister hates the most is how it effected her memory. Leaving her in what she calls a brain fog. That’s where the human ignorance amazed me. I actually found statements from individuals on chat forums stating that once it effected the minds of the patient they should just stay home so they didn’t get lost or forget what they were doing when they went out.

That about says it all. MS doesn’t mean that their stupid, or slow. So my words to everyone is don’t judge. You cannot tell me you’ve never walked into another room and stopped, wondering why you went there. Or searched the house looking for your keys to find them in your pocket. Memory issues are things we all deal with everyday, not just people with MS.
I don’t see my sister as being any slower at anything she does whether it’s physical or mental. I just see her as taking her time. Something we all need to do.
Slow down, think things through and enjoy more in life. Someday it might take you a little longer to think things through or walk around your yard.
People with MS actually have the right idea. It takes them a little longer to get where they’re going but they enjoy the small things along the way.

Until next time.

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  1. There are a lot of different conditions that cause brain fog. I myself have it and then some of my medications make it worse. The way I see it, those peop;le who are rude and stupid should have to live with the conditions and symptoms for a while, then maybe they would understand and be sympathetic. But as a comedian used to say "You can't fix stupid" 🙂

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