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Lynda Kaye Frazier is an avid reader of romantic suspense and started her writing career with a dream. A cliche, but it’s true. She works full time at a Cardiology clinic, while writing her own novels at night. She grew up in Pennsylvania, but now lives in Arkansas where she enjoys the four seasons without a long, cold winter. She has five children and four grandchildren that she adores. Other than spending time with her family, her favorite things to do are writing, reading and listening to music, but her most favorite is going to the beach. Surf, sand and a good book, her stress relief.

My Latest Blogs

How Life Gets in the Way

I always thought when I turned 60 my life would be winding down. Getting easier, and I would be traveling more. Well, that’s not how things are working out, and I’m okay with that.

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My story in the Anthology: Heaven Can Wait

What if you found out the woman who caused your death is a fallen angel plotting to take your daughters life? What if the only one who can stop her is an Arch Angel who broke your heart and left you surrounded by demons he left behind?

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Achieving a Goal

I have a bucket list. It’s filled with things I want to do, places I want to go, and events I don’t want to miss in my life. I get to mark off two things on my list this month. 

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A New Beginning

2017 ended rough, and 2018 started out with many personal hills to climb. I feel my family is finally on the mend so I’m starting over. Let’s Celebrate the New Year.

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