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Help Me Welcome Caitlyn Nicholas to my Blogger Book Fair Week


By Caitlyn Nicholas

Out 1 August 2013

Publisher: Momentum Books


Computer genius and legendary hacker, Dimity Pond, is on the run from the law.

She is married to Jake, who, she discovers, is married to Susan, and is the father of her friend Kitty’s twins. Her landlord has just sold her home to Lord Richard Summerhayes, all her money has disappeared along with her husband, and she is developing a vile migraine.

Richard Summerhayes left the Special Forces after his knee was blown to bits in the Congo. Since then he has built the best disaster-recovery computer network in the world, at a place called The Bunker near Dover, England. Banks, military, airports and other major systems rely on him as the last unshakeable fortress in the face of disaster.

Dimity’s under-the-radar life has fallen apart. Nemesis is back. Six years earlier he framed her for the collapse of Easy Bank. The money was never found, and the bank’s collapse caused untold damage to its customers. She’s been on the run ever since.

When Nemesis destroys Britain’s banking system, the only hope is an encrypted file that only Dimity can crack, located in The Bunker. Will Nemesis manipulate Dimity into helping him with his schemes? Or could Richard help Dimity take Nemesis down once and for all?


“Oh Sarah Easton ——” A cold digital voice mocked her. “It’s about to begin. Send the virus.”

Cold horror washed over Dimity. She jabbed the phone’s off button and dropped it on the table.

A noise, the rough grate of wood on metal, startled her. Numbers curled across her mind as a migraine inched closer.

“It’s the stove.” She spoke out loud, to break the quiet.

Beau – the labrador – cozy and content at the base of the wood-burning stove, continued to sleep as if he’d spent the morning chasing rabbits.

Which he hadn’t.

Unless bacon was involved, Beau never ran.

The silence of the house closed back around her.

She scooped up the phone, hesitating, waiting, and hoping the suffocating dread would dissipate. It didn’t. Then she hooked the handset back into its base, flicked open the dishwasher and unloaded the dirty cups and glasses she’d stacked there in a rare burst of domesticity that morning.

Someone hammered on the front door. A thick white mug, with the faded words Nerd Girl on it, slipped from her fingers, bounced off the side of the dishwasher door and shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor.

Jake? It couldn’t be him. He had a key and was in the south of France. But no one ever came to visit, she made sure of it.

The person hammered again.

“Shit,” she muttered. “This stupid life.”

Author bio

Caitlyn Nicholas began writing in 2005. Exhausted, pregnant and coping with a demanding toddler, she decided the time was right to embark on a writing career.

To her family’s eternal startlement she is now the author of five novels and a short story.

Her debut novel – and the first manuscript she had ever written – Running Scared, was published in 2007. This was followed by Secret Intentions in 2009, The Danger Game in 2012 and, Drive Me To Distraction, also in 2012. Her next novel, Pursuit, will be out in August 2013.

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