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You Can be the Light to so Many in the Dark

If you gave mental anguish a voice, what would it be? Would it be angry, controlling, or a cry for help? There is no wrong answer. It could be all the above, or just a darkness that swallows your soul. And it doesn’t matter what label you give it, whether it be Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, BiPolar, Autism, and numerous more, the list is long. We are so good at putting a name to a disorder, but lack in seeing the seriousness of it all. We get lost in making sure the person behind the label is given every tool they need to get through the obstacles that they have to overcome.

I have lived with, and dealt with, many family members fighting through the darkness of depression. I have held a loved one struggling the demons of a manic attack. I fought against voices I could not see to give a little hope to the lost soul wrestling to gain control of their mind.

Whether their struggle started at birth, or was a result of an incident beyond their control, we need to not shun them. Mental Health is just as important to treat as Heart disease and Cancer. We are past the days of keeping our loved ones locked up, or I should say most of us are. There is still a stigma associated with this. We still place a cloak of inabilities upon those who step forward, reaching out for our help. But there are so many who fight alone. Living a lie during the day, afraid to seek assistance out of fear of losing things they love.

When someone has a break, or is in an accident, our first response is oh, no, they will never be able to.

We need to stop. Not all instances result in a major life change. There are many who, once they find the right treatment, can continue to live their lives, raise their children, be productive at work.

I know what you are thinking. We read the headlines everyday. Lives taken, loss of loved ones, major disasters, I don’t excuse these behaviors, or give them a disorder to hide behind. I do not condone any negative behavior that causes harm. I’m just saying that there are those out there who want help, need help, but are afraid to seek help because of how others will see them afterwords.

We need to take the dark mask off of Mental disorders. I know we have come a long way with research, and new medication, but we are still a long way off. There are still too many suffering in silence.

As you go about your day, look around. There might be someone very close to you that might need a few minutes of your time. So say hello, it just might save a life.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

  • 1-800-273-8255

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