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Wild at Heart

Do you have a soft spot for the wild side of nature? Well I do. When my local RWA chapter, Diamond State Romance Authors out of Little Rock, Arkansas decided to help out a local animal refuge I was excited. Many authors donated their time, and their stories to help Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge  and the end result is finally here.

Wild at Heart 

Wild at Heart Volume I & Wild at Heart Volume II are now available on Amazon, and will soon be available for print.

Volume 1 consists of adult stories focused on large-animal rescue and/or the dangers of keeping one as a pet. Volume 2 consists of young adult stories. Again, all proceeds will benefit TCWR, and the books will be sold by TCWR in their bookstore and online.  

The Diamond State Romance Authors are proud of this project. There are more than tigers at TCWR: bears, bobcats, ligers, lions, and a cougar. The tigers pictured on the covers are residents of the facility. Missy is featured on the cover of Volume 1, and Loretta is the tiger model for Volume 2. Go check out the awesome work done by .

This book is very special to me because it is my first published story. A monumental moment in any authors life. So visit the website. See what amazing things they are doing to preserve the lives of the animals they have rescued and purchase the books. The animals and many volunteers at the refuge will thank you.



A Boy,A Girl,ATiger – CynthiaD’Alba 

Storm Haven – Vanessa North

Saving Akira – Candace Sams

True Instinct – Charlene Roberts

Beached – Dustin Stevens

Spirit of a Tiger – Elle James

Sunlight and Solace – Gina Wilkins

Archer Falls – Lauren Smith

Wedding Crasher – Lindy Dierks  

Saving Angel – Lynda Frazier

Buck – M Marie  



Freedom – Connie Wilkins

Cat’s Rule – Aileen Fish 

Salveje – Anna Meadows

Home by Midnight – Brinda Berry

In the Piney Woods – Delilah Devlin

The Girl and the Puma – Jane Hansen

Vision Quest – Karis Walsh

Refugee – Lori Freeland

Teens Gone Wild – Margaret Ethridge

Fierce Wild – Megan Mitcham

Heart’s Solace – Tara Fox Hall 

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  1. I am so excited. Now I get to put together an Amazon Author page. I feel like I"m finally going somewhere. : ) Thanks for stopping by

  2. Thanks Debbie. It is a great cause and we are hoping to raise enough for a few more enclosures for the big cats. Thanks for stopping by. : )

  3. Lynda, I am so happy for you — your first published story. What a great cause to support, too.

    I wish everyone connected to this project much success.

    MM Pollard

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