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When Life Steals Your Muse, Take it Back, with a Vengeance

 I Had A

That’s how my writing began.

When I began to write my first story I couldn’t stop. The words kept flowing, and the story unfolded without any effort on my part.

Then a year ago life got in the way. I had some personal road blocks that got in the way of the words. They were there, just not making it out of my mind to the paper below.

 Then I realized that road blocks are just obstacles that will make the story stronger, once it is told.

A true writer never takes a day off. The stories are still there, wanting to be written. It might take a little longer sometimes, but they are worth the wait.

Now to kick the door open, brush the dust off the keyboard, and let the words flow once more. Life can get in my way, but it’s up to me to not let it stop my muse from doing what makes me happy.


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