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What Was Your First Kiss Like? MFRW's First Blog Hop

MFRW’s First Blog Hop!

The theme is “Firsts” — the first kiss, the first love, the first loss, whatever is first in the story. Join us for three days of fun excerpts, contests, and giveaways. Details about giveaways are on each author’s site. See details at the bottom.

My first will be the first kiss between Jason and Mercy in my new release:

Rescued from the Dark. 

She heard her voice crack and felt the first tear spill down her cheek. It was cool across her hot skin. She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the cold steel as her day went from bad to worse. She moved her head and her hair tangled in the mesh wire. She pulled her head up and opened her eyes to find Jason inches from her face.

She froze as her pulse quickened, his nearness was intoxicating. His hand lightly cupped her cheek and the heat sent her head spinning. Too close, her heart warned, much too close. Mercy took a jagged breath in, as Jason expelled a deep sigh, his breath warming her lips. She knew better but couldn’t stop herself as she leaned in, closing the gap between them, touching his lips with hers. The kiss exploded into a heated embrace. They broke apart and their eyes met. His gaze pulled her closer as he rested his forehead against hers. They both stood there, trying to catch their breath. Suddenly, she noticed they weren’t moving.

“The elevator stopped, ” he said, his eyes burning with desire. “We’re here.”

His voice was breathless and his warm tone flamed the fire inside her. She needed to say something, anything, but words escaped her. This was wrong, the kiss was wrong. She wanted to be an agent and there were rules. She opened her mouth to tell him, but he placed his fingers against her lips.

“I know, Mercy. I know the rules. I understand what you want. I always have, but I also know what I want. I’m sorry about the timing, but not about the kiss.”

He spoke just above a whisper and her heart melted. This can’t happen, not now. Her lips turned cold the minute he pulled his hand away. She watched him turn around and draw in his shoulders as he took a deep breath. He stood there clenching his fists. She waited, wanting him to turn around, to come back, but he moved towards the door. He had his back to her when he spoke in a whisper so soft she had to strain to hear the words, but she did.

“Rules can be bent, but I understand. You don’t want to be part of my future, not since you know about my past.”

Her heart squeezed in anguish as she realized his true meaning. She wanted to tell him his past didn’t matter. The timing was just off. But her voice got stalled by the lump that had formed in her throat.

He stood motionless. She waited for him to turn back, but he opened the door and grabbed the boxes off the floor. She struggled to find something to say.

“Jason, I…I know about…” She held her breath as the pain radiated through her chest. She had to do it. So she squared her shoulders and cleared her throat. “I want to be an agent. We both know the rules and I’d lose everything. This would never work between us.” Mercy felt her heart breaking in two as the pain engulfed her. She had to stay strong. “I’m sorry.”

She watched as his broad shoulders tightened under the weight of the boxes. He slowly turned and when their eyes met she saw the pain then his face become almost somber.

“No explanation needed. We’re headed in different directions anyway, so no worries. I’ll take these boxes to the conference room.”

She felt the ice run through her veins from his cold, emotionless tone. What did he mean by different directions? She watched him scuff his feet along the elevator floor as he walked towards her. Her heart refused to believe what her mind was telling her. She stared into his ocean blue eyes as he bent over and kissed her cheek. She twisted her fingers together to keep from reaching for him as her knees grew weak.

Do you remember your first kiss with your specific other, or your first true love? Leave a comment for a chance to win.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Lynda, I didn't know you were doing the blog hop – excellent:)

    Loved the first kiss scene…WOW! Congrats on the release of Rescued from the Dark…have fun on the hop;)

    My first kiss was a bit slobbery and it landed on my cheek…my tummy went all a flutter and I ran all the home (I was in the 7th grade at the time). It was my real first love…crazy kid love.

  2. I don't remember my first kiss in general, but I do remember my first kiss with my husband. Obviously before we were married 😉 I kissed a lot of boys when I was young..still this is the only one I distinctly remember. Certainly made an impression!

    dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com

  3. My first kiss with my guy was waaayy back when he was 18 and I 19. (Cougar before it was He had gone to all boys high school and catholic schools before that, so was very unsure and shy about such things. I actually kissed him and his response "Have to go!!" He literally ran away. Ah, but he was back the next day for another kiss. *grin*
    Warm Regards,
    Christine London

  4. My first kiss was when I was about 7 years old LOL. Had a little boyfriend and we used to dance at his parent's restaurant. Both went to Catholic school. We were really just buddies. Kissed when his older brother invited us along with some others to play spin the bottle. Funny little smooch! Then I think I was unkissed again until about 8th grade.


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