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What Not To Do on Antihistamines

I had to laugh at myself today as I read through my first week of notes from a workshop I’m taking. What does, describe your characters Noah’s arc flaw mean? I’m not sure either. I started Editpalooza last Monday and fell behind due to a bad cold. I tried to keep up with my assignments and I took notes, or at least I thought I did. That’s what I get for trying to concentrate on a read through and character arcs while on drugs. Noah is not in my book so I’m not sure why I was concerned about his arc, but he’s all over my notes. Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to tell me he should be in my next book. I’m not sure what an old man dressed in a white robe is going to do in a special ops series. You never know, his robe could be hiding a very large gun that will save the damsel in distress. Or something like that. 

My new year started off with a bang and my calendar is filling up fast.

If my day job and my writing didn’t keep me busy enough I have signed up for a few workshops and blog tours. I’m determined to find a home for my novel and along the way I’m going to chart the rest of my journey and meet some new friends.

I’m going to do a Suspense Romance blog on February 9th at Keith Publications. Then I’m going to be part of the Valentine Blog hop with the Blog Hop Spot from February 11th through the 14th.

That’s on top of Editpalooza workshop I’m in until February 3rd and ‘Stop Committing Four Deadly Writing Sins and Free Your Work from Mediocrity’ workshop that starts February 6th and runs through March. In between all of this I’m flying to Pittsburg, Pa to spend a weekend with my sisters and go see a movie. I can’t wait to see Janet Evonovich’s ‘One for the money’. I love her series and the previews look great. I’m such a Ranger fan. He can sneak up behind me and whisper Babe in my ear any day.

Now that my brain is no longer in a fog I have no excuse to just lay on the couch so I’m off to edit land and planning the rest of my year. I hope your New Year is starting off as eventful as mine is, minus the cold. 

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