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What Does a Person with MS Have in Common with a Writer?

Mental shut down

When you have MS your mental capacity is limited on some days. Weather it be from medication or the effect of the disease on the brain itself you just feel like your brain shuts down.

This is also what writers call a mental block. Finishing up a simple scene seems impossible. You get to a point in your writing where the flow stops, your brain shuts down and you just sit there and stare at the blank screan in front of you, waiting.

With MS, and writers, the solution is about the same. Don’t push past your ability at that time. Move to a different task, something simple. My sister’s Doctor told her to go to a mindless activity, rest your brain.

I’ve been overwhelmed lately with everything going on in our life that my brain went into shutdown and have not been able to write anything on the stories I have been working on. I overheard my sister talking to her Doctor and I decided to give my brain a rest and go to a mindless activity, read.

It turned out to be the escape I needed and the mental rest the doctor had ordered. Good book, by the way. : )

My sister has trouble focusing so reading is hard, she chooses games. Let me tell you Candy Crush can be pretty addiciting once you get started. I can’t see where it gives your brain a rest always searching for the next move but it does change your focus which sometimes is all you need to break through the brain fog.

So next time you get overwhelmed, and your thoughts are scattered, step back and change your focus. You’ll be very surprised on how well just a few minutes helps.

Nothing better than an amazing sunset to clear your thoughts.

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  1. Happy birthday! Glad you took a mental health break so you can get back to writing. Our lives are so busy we forget to take care of ourselves, especially as women. Hope you have a lovely day!

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