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Wearing Pink Proudly to Celebrate Life

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. A month we celebrate life and bring awareness to the need for a cure for a disease that takes so many loved ones each year.

Cancer has touched my family, and many others so I dedicate this blog to the ones in our lives that are fighting cancer in general. I have 3 close friends fighting this disease. I watch them every day take their treatments and still manage to come to work. I admire their strength and determination to win and I commend their tenacity to push through each treatment, determined to win. So I fight along side of them. Holding their hand, supporting their head and having their back during their struggle.

Each ribbon represents a different type of cancer, but no matter the color the fight is the same.

In my contemporary story I write about a mothers struggle to save her son who was dying of cancer.

Saving JT (contemporary, WIP)

Amy Wickers was a single mother struggling everyday to juggle her college courses and a very active three year old, JT. Her room mate and best friend, Austin, had been her only support since the she found out she was pregnant. He took her in after her family kicked her out. The memories of that night still haunt her. The fight, the accusations and the final blow when JT’s father walked away.

Now she must go back to the family that disowned her to save the only person important in her life, JT. Without their help the doctors said he would die, and she was willing to do anything, even beg the ones that abandoned her, if it would help keep her son alive.

Visit my website for updates on the release date for Saving JT.

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  1. It is kind-of funny. I am currently using the first pic as my FB icon for BCA. My grandmother is a survivor of the disease and I try to support research for it and raise awareness whenever possible. Best of luck to all your friends who are battling this disease.

  2. Thanks June. Cancer touches everyone's life, one way or another. I support everyone that has to fight to win. Research is the key so I do everything I can to help. One day we will win. : )
    Thanks for stopping by.

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