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The Smallest Things Take the Longest

It took me two months to write a 108,276 word novel and 1 month to write a query and an 8 page synopsis. But it has taken FOREVER to write a short blurb about my book. How do you condense it into a paragraph? Many lessons yet to learn.

Undercover FBI agent Jason Michaels, must Infiltrate the Terrorist cell that killed his fellow agents and threatened his country to gather information and rescue the FBI intern Mercedes Kingsley, the woman who secretly shared his bed and stole his heart. Once Mercedes wakes from her coma, Jason struggles with the fact that she does not remember who he is, or what has happened, but he anguishes with the fact that she believes their unborn child belongs to her ex. While trying to locate the evidence they need, Jason and Mercedes, struggle to fight their attraction as they launch a manhunt, with the FBI, to protect the secrets locked in Mercedes memory which will save their country and each other.

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