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One of Those, "How Did I Do That?" Moments

Ok, we all have those moments when the light goes on and you say to yourself, wow I finally get it.  My workshop instructors and critique partners have all said the same thing to me, when you think you’re done put it down, leave it alone and then go back for a final edit.

Well here goes the funny moment. (It doesn’t pay to cry)   Somewhere during my editing process I deleted a major chapter. Not sure how I did that but I sent it back to a publisher, who requested changes and a re-submit, without the main action in the middle and got a rejection letter. They said the middle was lacking in action and the characters never connected.

Well I was frustrated but had a workshop coming up and I needed to decide what I was going to do. Work on it some more, or move on. If you know me you know I hate to quit without finishing. So I took my break, went back and decided to do a read through.

Can you say Duh? The main rescue scene and hot steamy sex scene was gone. The publisher must have thought my character got pregnant by Immaculate Conception.

Like I said you have to laugh, and go on.

This is my, Oh my God how did I miss that, moment. This is also where I tell you go ahead and say it.   I told you so, because you did.

So thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far. I can honestly say I do get it. When you put it away you take the emotional hold away from your story and it allows you to be objective.

So I am going back to finish my edits, step away, then read it through one last time before I submit it again.  They say the third time’s the charm. That’s what I’m betting on!

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  1. Oh, that's rough. Do you have a copy with the scene your missing?

    Unfortunately when we write or work on our manuscript, its in pieces. Usually once scene at a time.

    The great thing about rereading your work is you are seeing it all at once like a stranger does.

    I'm glad you reread and spotted the missing part, now you can finish the editing process.

    Good luck and I'm proud of your for not quitting.


  2. Thanks Janice. I had part of the scene but I'm re-writing the rest and I like it better. So there is a happy ending to this. Thanks for the support, your great.

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