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My New Year’s Resolution

I find myself unable to make a New Year’s resolution because I have spring fever. Yes, I did say spring fever. I’m having a hard time believing it’s December 31 because the temp outside is 63 instead of 36, and I’m loving it. I’ve cleaned up around the yard, pruned my rose bushes, cleaned up the garden and planning to put mulch down in my flower beds. This is unheard of in December so I’m taking advantage of it. But it is the end of another year and I should set a few goals.

I want to make goals that I know I can achieve. We’ve all made the resolutions that go be the way side after a few weeks. How many of us have joined a gym to stop going after the first month? I remember how I was going to exercise every day when I bought my treadmill. Well let me tell you it is a great place to dry sweaters. So my goals are going to be things I want to do, and enjoy doing. Not that I don’t enjoy a good walk, or feel better after eating a salad instead of French fries. I just know that once I sit on my couch the walk will not happen, and a salad takes more effort some nights then I want to put towards dinner.

I look at a resolution as a way to resolve an issue or finish a task. So this year I plan on finishing the three books I am working on. Complete the editing process on my finished novel, and to become a published Author. These are tangible goals, but I have a lot of work to do before I get there.

So Happy New Year to everyone. I hope your celebrations are enjoyable and I hope your resolutions are ones that will make 2012 an amazing year for you.

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  1. That's a very noble and a achievable goal.

    When I started writing my goal was to be published before I turned fifty. Which I did. I was forty-eight when my first book came out.

    Best of luck in 2012.


  2. Lynda,

    I know you can do it! I started writing again when I turned 54 (my birthday is in June,too). I'm now 56 and have two books published, 3 more finished and 3 on the drawing board. It's all about determination.

  3. Thank you Debbie, that is great about your finished books and ones your working on. I want to be just like you. :} Determination is the key and I am determined.

  4. Thanks Brinda and I'm not sure if I'll be done with my cleaning by spring. But I am glad old man winter has left us alone because I'm getting a lot done. I hope your new year is also a great one.

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