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My Journey Continues with My First Rejection Letter

I never would have guessed that writing the book was going to be the easy part. Like I said before, this is a learning process, and I’m still learning. I have been taking workshops on how to improve my writing skills to only realize that my book, I just submitted to publishers, was not ready to go.
I have received two great rejection letters. Yes I said great, because they were informative. The one letter was 4 pages long and it went into detail on my weaknesses and what I should do to rectify them. They even gave me links to workshops and articles they felt would help me.
Now that was a big surprise, I expected a feeling of dread, and head hanging shame from a rejection letter. These gave me high hopes for my novel.
I am in the process of finishing some much needed workshops (the reason for my absence),on POV issues, punctuation and grammar, and showing not telling. These are some series issues that are plaguing my first book and I am determined to master these complex issues and re-submit my baby, once she is ready.
I plan to stay in better contact with everyone and keep you up with my roller coaster of events.
With my workshops, editing first book, work on second book, (yes I am working on number two), and my day job that pays the bills. The hours in my day are stretched very thin, but who needs sleep, so expect some notes from me posted during the wee hours of the morning. :}
My goal is to have a contract by the end of the year, and I plan on achieving that goal. So let the long sleepless nights begin.

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