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My Journey continues…with a contract! Yes I said it, I got a contract with Back Opal Books. You should see this old woman dancing around her kitchen right now. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t. :}

I received the e-mail last week and was too afraid to close it. I thought it would go away and turn out to be just a dream, but it didn’t. I read it over and over. Then went to bed and read it again the next morning, still checking to see if it was real. I know overkill, but I’m a skeptic. I finally figured out it was, so I responded back and within a week I had a contract in my hand. I think I’ll frame it, dumb I know. But it’s my first.

So my journey continues with all the events that will take place to get my dream into a real book. So have a glass of the bubbly with me to celebrate.

I am going to send back my signed copy today and then get ready for the real journey to begin.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through many critiques and version of, Rescued from the Dark. Without your help I would not be here today.

Now back to the lap top. A writer’s work never ends. (I just love saying that)

Stop back as I continue on with my steps towards publishing, and for sneak peaks into Ron’s story in Last Chance to Run.

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