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My Idea of the Perfect Writing Area

I was in a chat room the other night and listened while other authors described what their writing area was like. Some had quiet rooms filled with books and soft music. Others had screened in porches surrounded by the sounds of the woods around them while a few had a decorated corner in their bedroom.
I stayed pretty quiet because I really had no specific area to describe as my retreat to concentrate. I wrote my first book in the living room. I sat on the couch, while my husband watched TV.
No special area, quiet room filled with soft music or a relaxing room outside.
Then I began to think about what my idea of the perfect writing area would be like.
first I thought of a small, quiet room. Surrounded by all my reference books.

Then I thought, why not go bigger. Dream of the perfect area to write the next New York best seller. And it hit me, a tree house. The perfect get away, surrounded by the sounds of nature and surrounded by all my reference books. The best of both worlds.

Pretty nice, right?
Well It still didn’t feel right as my perfect place to relax and write.
So I sat back on my couch. The one I wrote my first book on and realized I already had the best writing area. It was relaxing and comfortable. My idea of a perfect writing area.

Now don’t you agree? This is where I could write for hours. How about you?
Thanks for stopping by.
Until next time.

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  1. The couch is great, but I'm sure if someone gave you that tree house you would not hesitate that would soon become your perfect writing space. Nice post.

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