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Multiple Sclerosis and Balance: What's a Person to Do?

MS Monday was a little late this week because of a balance issue. So this will be MS awareness on how to balance on your feet and in your life.
Our world is a balancing act. Some of us are great at it and some just wing it as things happen. But we all agree that the smallest thing can throw us off.

When you have MS it really doesn’t take much to throw you off kilter. Just a muscle spasm can send your whole day crashing down around you.

My sister is struggling with her balance right now and we decided to think ahead. Be ready for anything that life can throw at her. She owns a couple of canes, and depends on them for support. We purchased a walker for days when a cane just won’t work, but there are days in between the two. Ones where a cane is not enough, yet a walker is too much so we went to an orthopedic store and went shopping.
I know, women do love to shop but this was not the store either one of us planned on ever having to venture into. We tried on extended canes, foldable mini walker and crutches. My sister decided that a pair of orthotic crutches that support her arm and give her a moldable handle for a better grip was just what she needed for those in between days.
So between her canes, crutches and walker we will be able to tackle any balancing issues that she experiences any day.

Now if we could just find a device that would balance life itself.
Anyone with MS will tell you they wake up in a different world each day. They’ll have days where things are going great, and everything works. To days where your brain tells you to get up but your legs and arms say something completely different. That’s when you just smile and prevail. Our motto is there’s no room for tears. Push through, and if your obstacle won’t move, go around it. There’s always a way.
Thanks for stopping by and being part of our crazy MS mixed up life.

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