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MS Mondays

My blog will be dedicated to my family’s fight against MS every Monday.

My sister, Laura Semanisan

was diagnosed in 2006 and has struggled everyday since.

 This is how our family feels as we watch her struggle to walk across the living room floor with her cane.

But she keep smiling and says that as long as she can walk she is having a great day. This very active girl who use to fight to get everything she needed to do, with working a full time job and working full time at her home landscaping business, done everyday now smiles if she can get across the room floor without tripping. She has just one motto.

So we won’t either. Stop by every Monday for a a little inspiration from my sister. She will make you rejoice about the little things in your life like doing yard work, and working in your garden.  

Thing we take for granted and she wishes she could.

Until next time.


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  1. I hope you are doing well with your management. My sister is struggling with using a cane now to get around. But she keeps smiling and never gives up so we trudge on behind her. Good luck with your fight and I hope you stop back next Monday for more information on what my family does to help my sister get by.

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