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MS Monday: How I Deal with the Feeling of Being Useless to my Sister

I drop my head in shame as she grabs her leg in pain.

This makes me feel useless and stupid.

Everything I try to do just makes things worse and makes her feel bad for having to ask for more help.

MS has a domino effect to it. Sometimes when you try to help the one you love it sets off a chain of events that can sometimes make things worse.

That’s what I have to keep telling myself. My sister fights to do everything we take for granite so I’m going to fight to try anything that will make her struggle a little easier, even if it doesn’t seem like a good idea I have to try.

I am an MS info junkie. Ever since she moved in with me I’m reading and researching everything, and anything that just might make her day a little easier. I buy all the gadgets that make bathing easier and all the hooks and grippers to make dressing a little less of a hassle but I can’t buy anything to take away the aggravation of dealing with a leg that won’t work or a hand that won’t open. 

She gets so angry and all I can do is let her. I beg her to get mad at the disease and fight it, don’t give into it. Don’t let MS win.

So for now we’re going to fight, but not with each other. We are going to fight the disease. Fight MS. So that someday they will find a cure, or a medication that will stop the progression. 

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant for the sake of my sister.

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