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K is for Keeping Up

Today we are going to talk about the letter K. I feel that with my daily grind, and my love for writing I find myself having trouble Keeping Up.

I find myself running faster than I did when my parents were my age. Life just seems to swallow you up with day jobs, household chores, children’s activities and of course squeezing in some family time.

When did it become necessary to check our calenders to make sure we got everything finished for that day.

We have calenders, smart phones and audio reminders to help us to keep up with today hectic lives.

I am trying to find the perfect key to blending it all together, like I said, trying. I love my job, hectic life and writing so I’ll blend it, one way or another.

But when you find yourself spinning out of control, and trying to catch your breath, do what I do.

Try some quiet time.

Turn everything off and go outside. It’s amazing how the sound of crickets can calm a person down.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, and don’t forget to relax.

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