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I Rocked NaNo this Year: I Validated my Novel and got my Certificate

My novel, Saving JT, is off to a great start thanks to NaNoWriMo

Now for the editing process I will post excerpts once I get a few chapters finished.

While you wait, here’s as excerpt for, If I Knew Then. A Young Adult story that will make you laugh, cry and keep you turning the pages until you get to the end.

Angel fought to keep her family safe from the evil that threatened to destroy her. She made sure she was always in front of her sisters when her Mother yielded her wrath. Keeping the danger that surrounded them a secret, she lived a lie that everyone believed, except for one. He was her only source of happiness until one day he was gone. With nothing left, and no one to turn to, she must outrun her past, and overcome the secret that she fights to hide, before her Mother destroys everything she has left to hold on to. 

“Angel, please wake up, I’m scared.” Angel shot up in her bed to find her sisters huddled together. Their tear stained faces, and faint whimpering made her cringe with fear as the screaming filtered through her closed door.

“Get in my closet and don’t say a word. I’ll fix this, don’t worry.” She got her sisters set and swallowed past the lump in her throat as a loud crash echoed from downstairs. She’s up. Angel’s heart raced as she rushed towards the noise. The coffee table was on its side and her Mother was on the floor in a bed of broken glass. Her heart dropped as she bent over the motionless body.

“Mom, Mom, are you okay?” Tears burned her eyes as she fought to hold them back, then she heard a faint moan.

 “Don’t move. I’m going to help you up.” She inched over the shattered glass and lifted her mother. The slivers stabbed at her feet as she moved her mother to the couch. Her mother lifted her head and her eyes were beet red. Angel ran to the kitchen and grabbed a wet dish towel. When she got back she knelt before her mother and peeled back the blanket she was wrapped in. It kept her from getting cut and Angel shuddered as her fear was replaced with relief.

“Stay here and I’ll clean this up.” She patted her mom’s knee, jumped up and turned sideways just as her mom raised her foot, shoving her onto the broken table. She threw her hands out to catch her fall and broken glass slit through her palms and knees as she landed.

“Look at what you did. How clumsy can you be? Get this mess cleaned up and get that blood out of the carpet before morning. What is your dad going to think about you stumbling around in the dark, tripping over the furniture? I’ll have to tell him you were drinking again. Do you know how bad that will make him feel? His perfect little Angel, falling from grace.”

Her slurred words, and acid tone, burned away any compassion left inside of her. She stayed in the middle of the glass as her mother stumbled past. The vibration from her slamming door was a welcome sound and she let her tears fall. She just wanted to curl up somewhere and make this all end, but she had to get to her sisters, keep them safe. She opened her eyes and looked at the pool of blood beneath her hand. The throbbing raced up her arm and her head started to spin as the room went dark.

I also have a new Christmas release coming out December 14. It’s an anthology of Romance stories for the holidays. Mine is called, The Christmas Contract. 

Available at B&N, Amazon, BOB

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