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Help Me Celebrate International Author's Day

Hosted by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay 

We all start with a dream. A love of reading, and a passion for writing. I know my love for reading started young. It was my escape from life’s demons. But my dream of becoming a writer came many years later and started with a dream. Literally, I woke up one morning after such a vivid dream and had to write it down. That was the beginning of my journey, how about you? when did you fall in love with reading, or realize you had a story inside you that needed to be told.

Help me celebrate this amazing day with my two new releases.

My first is a story near to me heart. It brings light to a dilemma that is more wide spread then any of us can see, child abuse. I share a little of my own personal journey through the eyes of my heroine. 

If I Knew Then

Young Adult

She dreamed of a life of freedom—one filled with love that didn’t come with a price… 

Angel O’Hare fought to keep her family safe from the evil that threatened to overwhelm them. Keeping the danger that surrounded them a secret, she hid her pain and bruises, living a lie that everyone believed…until she met Jax, who showed her a love she never knew existed and a life she’d only dreamed about. But when reality surfaces, her dreams are shattered. With her life in tatters, she struggles to overcome her past before her abusive mother destroys everything Angel holds dear.


Icy cold fingers tightened around Angel’s wrist, jerking her hand back against her arm. She gasped, and her eyes widened as her wrist cracked under the pressure. Her knees grew weak and she fell forward, grabbing the crushed velvet theater seat in front of her. Her fingernails bit into the fabric as her mother’s eyes blazed down at her. A high-pitched screech filtered in from the hall, and Angel’s heart pounded in her chest.

“That would be your sister unlocking the back door.”Her mother’s voice was hard, not an unfamiliar tone to Angel. Her mother’s fingers opened and Angel’s hand dropped like a rock. She grabbed it, clutching it to her chest. Her wrist throbbed and she couldn’t feel her fingers, but she knew it wouldn’t last. It never did. Her mother always knew when to stop.

“I want everything brought in and the boxes emptied on stage before everyone arrives. You only have an hour. Now, get moving.” Her mother rolled her eyes as Angel dropped her arm and shook her hand to relieve the pain. The tingling in her fingertips disappeared, and Angel opened her mouth but her mother just waved her hand, dismissing her, as she pointedly checked her watch.

“One hour, Angel. Not a minute more.” Her mother turned on her heels then waltzed out the side door.

Angel’s fear subsided enough that anger took over as she stomped up the aisle. Her footsteps echoed through the dark musty theater, blocking all other sounds around her. One more year. Just one more year. She yanked open the front door, wincing as pain shot across her ribs—a faint reminder from the last time she disappointed her mother. Angel sucked in a breath, and the cold metal handle slipped from her fingers as she grabbed her side. They say time heals all wounds. Well, they really got that one wrong.

 An Anthology filled with 15 full length stories of different genre’s but all about love.

My story..Leather Chaps and Broken Promises

Jack Austin’s life was spiraling out of control. He lost his Grandfather, the only girl he ever loved and was now going to lose his home. He had no idea what he was going to do until he woke one morning to a set of keys on his dresser. Keys that opened a locked desk that held the answer to his prayers. Can Jack find the secret hidden on the ranch and win back Katrina, or will his Father finally destroy his dreams? Forcing him back into the family business and an arranged marriage he walked away from years ago.


Jack lowered his head, capturing her mouth, crushing her to him.

“I need you,” he whispered against her moist lips. 

“Hurry, then.” She tightened her legs around his hips, and he stumbled toward the stairs. “We might not make it if you don’t.” Kat giggled as Jack tripped on the landing.

“Oh, we’ll make it,” he said, taking two steps at a time. Her soft, sexy laugh was intoxicating.

“Are you sure?” she whispered against his neck. 

His breath caught in his throat, and he froze as her tongue danced along his ear.

“That’s not fair.” His voice cracked, and his knees shook with each stroke. “Just remember, you brought this on yourself,” he said as he hoisted her up, tossing her over his shoulder.

“Jack, put me down. I’ll behave. I promise.” Kat’s voice dripped with sarcasm, His hand traced up her squirming thigh, and she shuttered, a faint moan escaping her lips. He lifted his hand, smacking down onto the tight denim that hugged the curves that teased him. Kat shrieked, and it echoed in the darkened staircase.

“You’re going to pay for that,” she said, laughing as he raced to the top. 

Jack lowered her to the floor, backing her against the bedroom door. Her heavy lashes shadowed her pink-tinged cheeks. She glanced up, biting her lower lip, looking so damn sexy. Jack let go a low growl and pulled her close. His hand stroked the length of her back up to her slender neck. He wrapped her long blond curls in his hand and pulled her head to the side, revealing her silky bronzed neck. His lips trailed a path to her shoulder, and she shivered in his grasp.

“Two can play this game,” Kat murmured as her hand slipped into the waistband of his jeans. 

Jack kissed the hollow of her neck, pressing into her. 

“Yeah, but I’m so much better at it than you are.” His seductive tone spoke his intention as he opened the door, backing her in, kicking it closed behind them. 

Let me know in a comment below how you started your journey into the life of a reader, or writer and let me know which one of my books you would like to win. I will draw a winner on the 19th.

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  1. I grew up in a library. lol I literally spent hours and hours with a chair next to the bookshelf, just reading one book after the other. To this day, I LOVE the smell of the library every time I walk in the doors.

    I thought it was interesting that you started writing after a vivid dream. The same thing happened to me. The dream was so detailed, I wrote it down and sent it to a friend and she was the one that said I should write.

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