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Hello, my Name is Lynda and I'm a Book Addict

I believe all book addicts should stick together, form a support group. Oh wait, there’s already quite a few of them, and I’m not talking about book clubs.

My sister is a psych nurse and she’s always telling me there’s a support group out there for everything, and she was right.

Did you know that there are support groups out there for people afraid of the color red? Groups out there for ones who sleep too much, or too little. Even support for people afraid of flannel. I was in shock at the list she sent me and about chocked on my coffee when I came to one specific group.

Support groups for those who are afraid of books.

Really? How can you be afraid of something that can open your mind to another world, or allow you to escape from the one that’s driving you crazy.

I never thought of books as something that would cause shear panic to a person, but it can and I feel nothing but total respect, and sadness for those who suffer from this ailment.

Everyone should be able to feel the sense of excitement that a good story can bring to their life, but if you share the fear of books how could you experience this. Then it hit me…Audio books. : ) No paper, no pages of words that feel like they’re going to swallow you alive, just someone’s soothing voice filling your world with an amazing story.

So to everyone with a fear of books, go audio, you will love it.

Here’s a small excerpt from 

Rescued From the Dark. A romantic suspense that will keep you up late and have you on the edge of your seat until you hit the last page.

 What if you woke up from a nightmare, trapped in a world of darkness, with no memory of how you got there? Rescued from the Dark is a passionate, gripping story about FBI agent, Jason Michaels, confronting his duty to his country, and struggling with his feelings for a woman with no memory of their love.


 An explosion ricocheted behind Jason Michael’s eyes as the pressure mounted in his head. The rush of panic consumed him. He struggled to move, tried to swallow, but nothing. His throat burned as the flames engulfed his lungs. He needed to breathe, but couldn’t. Shit. He strained to make out the muffled voices, but pounding in his ears erased all hope. His head started to spin and he succumbed to the realization, this was it, the end, he won. The flames dampened and his heartbeat slowed as the drums subsided. 







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