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Four Weeks After Release Date and I Have 11 Five Star Reviews

Rescued from the Dark was released last month and in just four weeks it has 11 Five Star reviews.

I’m so excited that I’m dancing all over the place.

Let me share a few with you:

By John M. Millner

Wow! What a great story. This novel has it all – antagonists who are pure evil, a complex plot with unexpected twists and turns and a very exciting and fast-paced ending. I don’t normally read “romance novels”, but the book’s synopsis held the promise of an exciting story and I took a chance on buying it. I am certainly glad that I did. I am looking forward to more from this author.

Cindy O


Highly complex suspense with lots of intrigue and heartbreak.

This is a story about a FBI Counterterrorism Division that has spent years trying to take down an Irish mob family that also has ties to a terrorist cell.

Ron Daily’s team consist of Conner English who is the techno geek, Davis Allen who’s known as the enforcer and Jason Michaels who has been undercover in the Flanagan organization. Jason had been through hell during his time undercover. Not only are the constantly experimenting on him with untested drugs he also dreams about the one woman he cannot have, Mercy Kingsley.

Drake Kingsley used to be an FBI agent and Ron’s partner. After his daughter was kidnapped tortured and he was shot he retired and started his own business with Thomas Patrick. His plans were for Mercy to one day run the Ireland branch of the company. But Mercy wanted to be like her dad and instead joined the FBI training program.

For here everything goes full tilt to an explosive intersecting of so many plot points. When Mercy is kidnapped again and given too much of the experimental drugs nd Jason’s cover is blown this leads to heartbreak for Jason. Jason and Mercy are rescued but months later when she finally awakes from a coma and pregnant she doesn’t remember that is not from the ex-fiancé Mitch Edwards who only had aspirations of becoming CEO of her father’s corporation and may also be in bed with the Irish. Jason has to sit back and let this happen all while Ron and the team find out that he and Mercy’s lives are still in as much danger now as it was months ago. And the worst part is they still don’t know who all the “bad” guys are in all the scenarios.

And do you think that’s the end… Think again. We are then introduced to Dallas Baker who runs a secretly sanctioned rescue group that Conner and Davis left the FBI for and who is now a large part of the operation. Some of the leaks are figured out and some not and what really happened to Mercy during her first kidnapping all those years ago is a big piece of the puzzle.

This was a fantastic start of a new series. The Guardian’s of Hope series will be made up of eight books. Ron’s story is next.

I’m one very proud mother seeing her first baby fly on its own so well.

Rescued from the Dark

Release date: February 2013

A Romantic suspense. The first book in the Guardians of Hope series.Buy links:







Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. I would not have acheived this amazing dream without you.

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