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F is for Fantabulous

I’m sure you’re all shaking your head wondering where I got this ridiculous word.


I feel fantastic, and fabulous right now so to me that feeling is Fantabulous.

I’m sure you would challenge me on this word, or at least the spelling.

But just go with it. It’s a fun word, and as writers we do like to fun words. Have you ever had a character that needed a quirk? I did so I gave mine the ability to make up her own words, and sound pretty smart doing it. She even convinces her professor that her final paper is correct, even if it is filled with mixed up words because she makes them fit. 

Having a character with a unique personality will pull a reader in, let them connect with your story and make them want more from us as writers. We make up new worlds, paranormal shifters and make believe demons. We give them names that we made up as we wrote. We let our imagination go wild and have some amazing stories out there because of it. 

Think about what Superman would have like if they made his world Michigan, instead of Krypton, because we knew that word.

So think about that as you make up your next story. Give it’s characters unique names. Homes cool names and give them quirks that will make us fall in love with them. 

Enjoyed visiting with you and stop by tomorrow to see what I think of the letter G.

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