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E is for Edit

A four letter word that makes every writer cringe.

You work on a story for months and know you have the next best seller. You read, then read again. Then review every word for proper grammar and check all your punctuation. Your smile widens and you know your ready for the editor. You send your baby off and wait for her words of praise on how she can really see the hours you put into making this the most amazing story. Then the e-mail arrives and you open your story to find…

Pages and pages of errors and needed corrections. You fall back into your chair and sigh. All that hard work and you see nothing but red marks in front of you. 

But your determination sets in and you know that you cannot get your story ready to be published without going through the editing process.

So you put on the coffee, dig in and start making the changes that are needed to make your story the next best seller.

Edit might be a four letter word, but you don’t want to publish without it. 

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to stop by on Monday to see what word I come up with for the letter F.

6 Responses

  1. I'm probably weird, but often I quite enjoy editing! Improving a phrase and making it more succinct – or shocking, or evocative – gives me a real sense of satisfaction! When I'm tired, I've got a tight deadline and I'm just proofing for typos, though – now that's soul-destroying! 🙂
    Loving your pictures and posts.

  2. Edit is a four letter word which makes this writer rejoice. If I'm at the editing stage, it means that I've finished the first draft of whatever it is I'm writing. It also means that I now can start to make it perfect. Editing is THE best part of being a writer. If I could edit all the time, rather than write I would!

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