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D is for Determination

Today is day four and the day for the letter D. I chose it to stand for Determination because I am sick and just want to go to bed, but I’m determined to follow through and not miss a posting during this challenge. 

We all know that no matter how we feel we still have obligations that won’t wait like feeding the family, making sure all the homework is finished and doing laundry so the kids don’t go to school in their pajama’s.

As writers we also find ourselves feeling run down, at cross roads where we doubt ourselves, our stories or our ability to write another word. 

When I find myself at moments like that I step back, take a mental break and remember why I started writing in the first place…The thrill and excitement at seeing my stories come to life.

So I’m off to get some soup, curl up on the couch and read through what I wrote yesterday. 

Next time you feel run down, burnt out or just mentally exhausted grab a book and sit back for a mental vacation to far away places. It’s just what the Doctor ordered and he is Determined to make you feel better. 

Stop by tomorrow to find out what the letter E means to me.

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. But good for you for sticking it out and continuing with the A to Z journey. 🙂

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