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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and Nano

I love coffee and writing. 

What a great combination.

November is half over and I am not half way through my Nano Project, but don’t worry. I plan on pushing along until the bitter end. 

This year I have seen many challenges, and my writing has had to take a back seat, but not forgotten back there.

That’s why Nano is so important this year, and why I decided to do a romantic comedy. 

The story is a comedy of errors between a kick ass bull rider and the marketer that has to tame him to save his career.

Here’s a sneek peak from chapter 2:

Leather, Lace and forgotten Promises.

Lace limped past the group waiting for the elevator. She kicked the door closed behind her knowing this was probably her last day here and rage took over all common sense. She threw her bag to the floor and kicked her heel off when the door flew open. Darcy waltzed in with a cup of coffee and shoved it in her cold hands.

“I can tell you need this, now drink,” said Darcy.

She took a deep breath in hopes the aroma would calm the urge to race into the conference room and strangle Michael, but it only fueled it.

“The gossip train is busy today and your driving the engine dear. Your entrance today has everyone’s lips flapping out there. I know you have a personal bubble issue, But do dish on the details of your attire.” Lace sipped the steamy cup of courage as Darcy shook her head.

“This was a peach blouse, and black skirt, before that damn taxi decided I needed to wear the mud puddle I chose to stand in front of. But that’s not the worst part. I broke my heel chasing the son-of-a-bitch.” Lace leaned over and picked up what was left of her black Valentino’s. “ I saved months for these. ”

“Wow, too bad sugar. They were to die for. But we have bigger problems. Now finish that while I try and figure out how I can fix this, because if you’re out of a job, so am I.”

I chugged the adrenaline laced Café Mocha and racked my brain to find a way out of this mess, but I knew from the look in Steve’s eyes that his mind was made up. All he knew was that Mike informed me about the change and I chose to show up late, and a total mess.

“Oh, no you don’t, Lace. I put in too many hours trudging through that damn cow shit for you to let that pencil dick win. So let’s think. Ricker represents bull riders, won’t they understand a little mud, if we put a spin on it?”

“Sure, but how are we going to work in a broken shoe?”

“Just go barefoot. They’re rodeo cowboys, how smart can they be? You’re a marketing genius, make this work. I finally got you whipped into the best boss and I’m too damn old to train another.”

Darcy was the perfect secretary. She knew what was needed before it was asked for and did work her ass off for this contract. She looked at her watch. Five minutes until they started.

“Okay, if this is going to be my last day, let’s make it count. Do you still have those bags I gave you? ”

Darcy retrieved them in seconds and dumped the contents on the desk. Belts, buckles, cowboy hats, T-shirts and one red western shirt, with god awful fringe. I jerked off my blouse and grabbed the T-shirt.

“What boob are you going to cover with that? We bought everything small and there’s nothing small about those.” Snorted Darcy as she tried to hide her laugh.

“Today I have to go from a D cup to a B, now help me.” She pulled the T-shirt over her head and crammed in her right arm, struggling with the left when Darcy yanked the shirt down. She shimmied it over her chest and it curled up at the waist. Darcy grabbed the scissors and Lace stepped back.

“What are you going to do with those?”

“Turn a small into a medium and pray it works, so turn around.” Lace didn’t even think, Right now she would do anything. Darcy clipped away and the T-shirt loosened, dropping to cover her stomach.

“The front looks great, I just need to step in and back up against the door.”

“No you don’t sugar. Just put this on.”

Lace caught the fringe and just shook her head. She crammed her arms in and could barely move her shoulders. It dropped to her waist with no chance in hell of closing in the front . She turned to her reflection and groaned, but knew she had to pull this off, then she looked down. Shit.

“Put these on.” Darcy said as she kicked off her shoes.

“Those are amazing to look at, but you like yours tall. Those have to be six inches. I’m a two inch kind of girl. I’ll kill myself.”

“Not today, just strut what you haven’t smashed down, and you’ll be a shoe in.”

“Haha, very funny. But if I come back in a cast it’s all your fault.”

“You won’t, and don’t break those. I borrowed them, kind of, and have to get them back in one piece if you know what I mean. Now get moving. I’ll go to the file room and grab a few boxes just in case this goes south.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Just speaking from experience with you, darling.”

Now back to writing. I have 14 more days, and still almost 30,000 words to write.

Until next time,


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