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What Happens When Life Gets in the Way

My writing was my passion, my escape. I loved to get lost in the characters lives. It helped me escape some of the madness in mine. I would listen, and sympathize, as authors talked about writers block that plagued them. The thought of not being able to fall into my story made me cringe. Then it happened.


I’m sure they thought it was in my best interest, but they should have asked me first. Two years ago my life was pretty complicated. I worked a full time job, took care of my sister who has MS and was dealing with family members battling with depression. I needed my writing, I saw it as my only vice. I know what you’re thinking, but alcohol was not an option. I have one drink and I’m gone. I had to stay clear headed. My stories helped me escape, but my time to write became less, and less. I struggled in front of a blank screen, mostly out of guilt. My time was so divided, and my husband saw my writing as a wall between us. The voices grew quiet and I finally closed my computer, ending that part of me. My heart broke but I knew my focus needed to be on my family.


I struggled to keep everything running smoothly, but depression will suck the life out of you. I watched my husband fall deeper, and deeper, into a world I could not control. I was helpless. I also had to watch my son work through his transition from active duty military to civilian life. Then my sister. God love her. She was my anchor. She would work through things I should have helped her with just to give me a break so I could focus on the other issues around me. To make a long, heart breaking, story short I will fast forward.
My life is still crazy. I continue to work full time, and love my job. My sister is still with me and her MS is progressive. So we enjoy the little things she is still able to do. But depression still sucks. It’s a daily struggle with the ones I love. I think we have a handle on it, for today. I sympathize for all who struggle everyday with this disease. Doctors push medication, friends give advice. Loved ones get frustrated and want you to just get over it. It’s never that simple. You fight everyday, one small step at a time. But one good thing has happened.


It was such a great way to wake up. I guess my life has calmed enough for my characters to start talking again. And I’m so very grateful for that. It’s like a loved one has returned home. I’m working on a new website, up dating this blog. Starting my News letter back up. So much I want to do, and I know that I’m in a good place to do it all.

So stay close, I will have some amazing things to announce. Which will include parties, contest and of course some amazing prizes to be won.

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