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Welcome to NaNo November

I have a big goal to reach this month. I’m going to finish two books. Yes, I said two. My word count for the two will be 70,000. I know, pretty crazy, but I think I can do it.

I’m going to get the coffee pot, and my box of snacks ready to go. And while I’m in my writers cave why don’t you stop by the link below to pick up some free books to keep you busy until mine is finished. 

This month we have over a dozen Young Adult books on #Instafreebie!! All of them are free! Check out the various Science Fiction, Fantasy, and contemporary books on the website below! Each author rated their book like a movie. Below each book cover is the movie rating. Also, Instafreebie has a new function, book descriptions are starting to show up on the download pages! So click on the link below and pick up some amazing free books.

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