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How Life Gets in the Way

I always thought when I turned 60 my life would be winding down. Getting easier, and I would be traveling more. Well, that’s not how things are working out, and I’m okay with that.

I work in a very busy hospital. Due to Covid our days are so much different than they were two years ago. So many changes, and yet so many are still getting sick. With that said my days are longer than I thought they would be at this age.

I take care of my sister who has MS. This I would never change. I have watched her go from an independent person to someone who needs assistance in almost everything she does because of that relentless disease. But she is my sister and I would do anything for her.

I have five amazing children and they have grown into adults that would make any mother proud. But their lives are not easy. Between life challenges and events out of their control they struggle. But I am able to help them when I can and this allows me to spend as much time as I can with them, and my grandchildren. This in it self is a challenge because they live in different states, but we make it work. You have to be flexible today. Make things work for you instead of waiting on things to change.

With all that said I will get back to this post. How different by life is from what I envisioned it to be. I always thought I would be married, counting the days to retirement with my significant other. Planning our trips we would take, writing my books, and enjoying life with our children and grandchildren.

Well… after 33 years of marriage my husband decided he wanted something different. So that erases the growing old with someone. My sister needs me now more than ever so that takes away from some of my travels, not all, just some. And my children all have challenges that I will always be there to help them with no matter what. So that takes up a lot of my spare time, If you can imagine me having any of that.

People at work tell me my life is crazy, but it’s a crazy I am happy with. I work all day, take care of my sister in the evening and write a little before I go to bed. On the weekends you will find me at the ball field watching a grandchild play. Taking a road trip to see one of my children or trying to catch up on the laundry that does not get done during the week.

Oh, and on top of all of that I have three horses, three dogs, a cat and an old farm house that is in constant need of repair and way too much grass to mow.

Like I said, life is a little crazy, but I look at things in a positive manner. Every little bump in my life just makes it a little more interesting, never boring.

Take a look around you and find what makes you happy. Life is short and tomorrow is not promised so live in today and love those you cherish. I have three things that keep me sane…Lots of coffee, every minute I can get on the beach and my writing. Stay close and come back to visit. I will share what is new in my writing and what new adventure my life takes me in.

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